• Vishnu Nadhan

    Vishnu Nadhan

    Full-Stack Developer with a passion for producing customer-centric digital products; Favors Startups; AI and automation enthusiast

  • Viking Analytics

    Viking Analytics

    AI-based predictive maintenance applications for industrial assets.

  • Arash Toyser

    Arash Toyser

    CTO of Viking Analytics AB — Product manager, entrepreneur, and data scientist

  • Oskar Liew

    Oskar Liew

  • Mohsen Nosratinia

    Mohsen Nosratinia

    Research Lead and Senior Data Analyst at Viking Analytics AB

  • Rickard Claeson

    Rickard Claeson

  • Vesi Staneva

    Vesi Staneva

    Co-founder & Head of Product @teachablehub

  • Schalavadi


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